Flat-head with Nibs

  • Aid in the countersinking of the screw.

Cling Fit Square Drive

  • #2 Robertson Square Drive on most of the product line.
  • Good snug fit on original Robertson Driver Bits.

Smooth Shank

  • Allows for better draw down.

Zinc Wax Coating

  • A special process unique to the Wood-Maxx that reduces friction.

Wood-Maxx Lo-Root® Thread

  • Aid in the countersinking of the screw.

Unique Aster Cutting Thread

  • No more pre-drilling.
  • No more splitting of wood or panel products saving you time and money.
  • Superior cutting and driving.

Exclusive Long Type 17 Cutter

  • Much easier wood penetration and quicker drilling time.
  • Less stress on hands, arms and equipment.