The Wood-Maxx is the ultimate screw.

It has been specifically engineered and designed for manufacturers of solid-wood furniture and kitchen cabinets. It features a long Type 17 (T17) cutter for quick drilling into even the hardest of woods. The specially-designed cutting thread combined with our long T17 cutter eliminates the need for pre-drilling into most species of wood and man-made materials. We have incorporated a very special zinc wax coating on our screws which reduces friction and stress. You will find that our square socket is deep for optimum driver bit penetration and performance. All of these features combine to make Wood-Maxx the ultimate wood screw in the industry.

Special Zinc Coating

The special zinc wax coating on the Wood-Maxx screw delivers unmatched performance, reducing the torque required to drive the screws. The result is a reduction in user fatigue, which in turn will decrease the potential hazard of repetitive stress syndrome, or carpal tunnel, caused by the continuous driving of screws.


Transparent buckets and jars allow convenient checking of inventory levels at a glance. Buckets stay intact even when in contact with moisture. A convenient carrying handle relieves back strain.


No Pre-drilling required.

The Wood-Maxx screw is designed with a long T17 cutter combined with the aster cutting thread and 21-23° sharp point. This allows the screws to be driven into even the hardest woods without pre-drilling a pilot hole.

Single Draw Down

The Wood-Maxx thread is designed for single draw down in all types of wood. The wood dust is forced up and out of the hole, eliminating the need to back the screw out and re-drive to achieve tight draw down.

Pricing & Savings

The Wood-Maxx is a premium product line. The important consideration when switching to the Wood-Maxx is how much time and money the user will save. It offers greater efficiency, faster penetration, less waste and less strain and effort. The true savings achieved once you start on the Wood-Maxx program are many times more than the price paid for the screws themselves.


The Wood-Maxx program is manufactured to the highest quality standards possible by Robertson Inc.


No other screw manufacturer or screw importer has focused and designed its screw program specifically for the woodworking industry.

Cling Fit Driver

Extra-snug seating on original Robertson driver bits will eliminate the frustration of screws dropping off when material had been aligned, or when working at an awkward angle.